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I started in dental technology over 31 years ago and took that fine detail training in wax and metal and broke into the jewelry industry as a polisher, went on to plating, stone setting and sizing and repairs. 

I learned my trade while sitting between two jewelers that had approx 60 years experience between the two of them. I ended up being able to repair pieces that they could not because I didn’t know that it couldn’t be done!

When I started in the field,  it was very rare to see a female jeweler.  I still remember my first employer in the jewelry industry introducing me:   “This is our jeweler.  She’s very good even though she’s a woman”.

I worked in manufacturing for a while doing work for Service Merchandise stores and the Home Shopping Network, to name a few. I then moved on to Serges & Co in Ft Lauderdale (and stayed for 7+ years), and that’s where I got to meet and work my mentor, Steve Scharf.  It was also my first exposure to doing custom design work.  He was a wonderful teacher, and to this day, one of the finest jewelers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.  Thanks Steve!   …. But time to move on;  perhaps the 7 year itch;  or perhaps I just outgrew the position.

I then worked as a Master Jeweler for Pandora Jewelers in Deerfield Beach, FL for another 7+ years where I worked with a more upscale line of jewelry.  It was there I set a 17ct pear-shaped diamond stone and designed a custom ring for the largest citrine I’ve seen in my career.

I had also been blessed to have worked with some superstars of my industry;  as of late, award winning jeweler, gemologist  Ms Pamela Rossi, GG (GIA) at P.J. Rossi Jewelers in Lauderdale by the Sea.   She has opened doors for me insofar as providing me with the “gift” of a GIA Course for the AJP certification.  The years spent working with Pam have been the most enjoyable of my entire career thusfar!  Thanks Pam (you cheese-lick!it’s a term of endearment!). 


I’ve freelanced for Bruce Sirkus, owner of the Jewelry Design Studio and still do work for his studio.


However, in October  2006 we were visited by an unexpected monster storm called Hurricane Wilma.  After suffering huge financial losses from damage to our home and losing our car to the storm, my family and I sold our home in Florida to find complete bliss in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I started 4 years ago as a contractor for RanBec Jewelers and Precious Designs Jewelry Manufacturing.  Presently, I am working with a Jewelry firm in Lancaster, SC. And still doing freelance work.  I’ve also been keeping my “feet wet in the Florida surf” by doing some custom wax models for Mark Edwards Jewelers in Fort Lauderdale and the Jewelry Design Studio with Bruce Sirkus.


I have, over the years, seen it and heart it all.  From “I only wore it once and the stone fell out” to “I paid thousands for this and was assured that Moissanite IS a diamond”.   I think that most of the jewelry repairs come about because most of us neglect our jewelry and don’t know what to check for when looking at their pieces.


So, I wasn’t looking for a webpage to see my name in print but so many of my customers had the same questions and same concerns that I thought it might be more appropriate to do this website to teach the jewelry buyer all the “hows, whens and whys” of the industry so that they make a wiser decision when buying jewelry.


Hope this website helps you and maybe you can come away with a tidbit or two that you didn’t know before.


With warm regards,



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Iris Rocker, AJP, (GIA)