I designed this page not as a narcissistic  tribute to my professional talents or accomplishments, but as an informational resource for the jewelry consumer and for my colleagues who may be searching the web for charts or conversions that may not be readily available to them.


Too many consumers are afraid of the jewelry buying experience today (and maybe rightly so), because of a host of new tricks, new technologies and new scams.


Therefore, I felt the need to post this web page to educate you, the consumer, as to how to shop for gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and gems without being taken advantage of.  An educated consumer always makes a “smarter buy”. 


I’ve also posted charts and illustrations for the consumer and professional to use under professional reference.  So, please look around, I hope you can learn from it and enjoy some of the lore associated with precious metals and gems.,


So, here’s “Jewelry University 101” coming to you straight from my jeweler’s bench.

With warm regards,


E-mail: iris@jewelry-doctor.com

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Iris Rocker, AJP, (GIA)